At Action Potential Services, we focus on providing services primarily for individuals with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Our services include the following:

  • Assessment and consultation or therapy for individuals requiring augmentative communication systems. Augmentative communication systems are methods of communication other than natural speech that allow an individual to express his/her needs, desires, and ideas. These methods are often used in conjunction with therapy to improve spoken language. Examples of augmentative communication include low-tech systems, such as the Picture Exchange Communication System, and high-tech systems, such as Proloquo2go used on an iPad.
  • ABA therapy focusing on the following:
    1. Improving skills in the following areas: articulation/motor speech (production of clear speech), language, reading, writing, self-care, social skills
    2. reduction of interfering behaviours
  • Speech and language therapy sessions focusing on motor speech/articulation skills (production of clear speech), language, phonological awareness, reading, and social skills.
  • Assessment and treatment of feeding challenges related to food selectivity. Food selectivity refers to picky eating, which often occurs due to a combination of hypersensitivity to particular sensory stimuli and deficits in oral motor skills.
  • Individual reading and math instruction using Direct Instruction
  • Social skills groups